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The fall colors are beckoning us out into the woods. So tomorrow we’re embarking on an impromptu little backpacking trip in the hills with a couple friends and our dogs.

Image courtesy bippity boppity boo.

And then, as soon as I emerge from the wilderness, I have to jump in the car with my folks and trek down to Columbus, Ohio for a wedding. It’ll be approximately 13 hours of books-on-tape and the ABC game. Yikes. Please tweet with me to keep me from poking my eyes out with boredom!

Get outside and play in this glorious fall weather! I’ll meet you back here in a week!


  1. Cathy Schroeder says:

    Tonia, We listened to the Subtle Knife all the way home last weekend and wanted to keep driving so we could listen to the Amber Spyglass. Just got that ordered so I would drive with you to have 7 hours of uniterrupted listening time. Bring some knitting with, take a nap and there is some beautiful country down in Athens, Ohio!

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