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Reuse Tues: Pallets & Crates

Posted on November 9th, 2010 by Tonia 5 Comments

Happy Tuesday!  Have you heard of Pinterest?  It’s a new, fun web app that lets you “pin” images from all over the internet that you like.  I created a pin board of images I plan to share on the blog at some point.  It’s SO nice!  If you’re in the middle of wedding planning or remodeling your home or something, Pinterest could be of serious use to you. 

Anyway, we have a few pallets and crates lying around right now, left over from moving, so I used Pinterest to find the following pictures of creative and cute ways to reuse pallets and crates around the house:

Pallet couch

Pallet shelf

Pallet table

Crate bookshelf

Crate foyer storage

How cute?? I think the crate shelves would look awesome in a home office.  With all the apple orchards around here, we could have wooden crates coming out of our ears if we’re not careful.

What have you reused around the house this week?  Let me know on Twitter by adding the #ReuseTues hashtag to your tweet!  This week I put a bunch of Mike’s old, stretched-out cotton t-shirts to work as rags.  My mom gave me the idea when she was here over the weekend.  We hung a little bag in our pantry, cut a few t-shirts in half, and stuck them in the bag.  Now when I need to wipe down shelves, I have a bag full of clean rags waiting for me in the pantry!

How to Reuse Plastic Bags {Or How to Make it Easier}

Posted on November 28th, 2009 by Tonia 7 Comments

It’s a job that’s never started that takes the longest to finish.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

Do you exist in a pretty constant state of guilt and frustration about the fact that you live a life of consumption and waste?  Do you feel like no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to change your lifestyle drastically enough to significantly reduce your impact on the planet?  Yeah, well, join the club. 

Mike and I live in the city + we have full-time office jobs + we don’t have a lot of spare time= we usually get through daily life doing everything as quickly as possible= we consume a lot, and waste a lot.  Example:  Instead of packing my lunch in a reusable container every morning, I quickly throw it into a plastic baggie and run out the door.  The result of this behavior is a lot of plastic garbage, and a lot of stressful guilt…

So, about  a year ago, we resolved to never throw away a plastic bag until it had been used so many times it had holes in it.  We started washing out the baggies and sticking them right back into the “bag drawer” to be reused.  The result has been amazing– I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had to put “Ziploc” on my shopping list.  I feel really, really good about the fact that we’ve pretty much eliminated the unnecessary waste of baggies from our lives, just by changing one itty-bitty behavior. 

I will be honest, though…plastic bags do not look cute sitting around all wet and crinkly on your kicthen counter.  We needed a good way to dry the bags…and we don’t have a clothes line outside in the winter months.  So, Mike came up with this really simple drying-rack {and it’s even cute enough to sit on your counter!}:

 Itty Bird icon Steps:

You will need:  wood glue, 5′ of dowel rod {for a more rustic look, use sticks/branches}, a hand saw, a brace {pictured} or an electric drill, a scrap of wood slightly larger than the finished size {11″ x 3″}.

1. Measure a board to be 3″ wide x 11″ long, and cut the board to those measurements.

2. Prepare the base: sand/plane the board until it is level and smooth, take off any rough edges.

3. Cut dowel rods to five 12″ long pieces.

4. Measure & mark the spots on the base board where your dowel holes will go.

5. Drill holes into the base at the marked spots.

6. Drip wood-glue into each of the holes, and insert the dowels.

7. Let the glue dry, and then you’re all done!  Start saving those baggies!