The Great Italian Adventure: Packing

Posted on May 15th, 2012 by Tonia 9 Comments

Drum roll please…..Mike and I are going to Italy with my family NEXT WEEK {happy dance}!!

We’re more than a little excited. This will be our first big trip since our honeymoon, and Mike’s first time to Europe. We have a bad itch to travel, and it can only be scratched by the Duomo, excellent gelato, and the Tuscan sun.

My little brother is currently over there WWOOFing at a gorgeous wine vineyard. We’ll be meeting up with him and staying in Central Italy for 12 days all together. His fantastic girlfriend is coming with as well. It’s going to be epic!

One thing stands between us and adventure: packing. One doesn’t simply “pack” for “Italy”. It’s an all-week affair consisting of frequent mind-changing and last-minute panicked online-shopping. Right now our bedroom looks like an evil Laundry Monster rampaged through it.

Perhaps I should forgo packing all together and buy everything IN ITALY? Sounds like a plan.


  1. Amanda S says:

    Ohhhh soooo jealous right now!! I’m sure you’ll take lots of pictures for us mere American-grounded readers :)

  2. MelD says:

    Hm, unless you’re planning a 6-items-or-less holiday you might find shopping in Italy a bit expensive LOL!!! The mindset might help with the packing, though.

    Have a great time and I wish you better weather than here, but you should be fine south of the Alps… 😉

    Buone vacanze!!

  3. Tonia says:

    Hehe, MelD- I think most of the shopping we do there will be “window shopping”. :)

  4. Rebecca says:

    For a week in Paris (just got back Sunday), I packed:
    Light jacket
    6 tshirts (mix of long/short-sleeved)
    2 blouses (one casual, one dressy)
    3 thin cardigans (1 striped, 2 solid)
    4 pairs of pants (various weights/colors)
    3 pairs of shoes (wedge heels and flats)
    1 black dress that can be dressed up or down
    PJs: leggings and 2 tank tops
    Lots of undergarments (they’re small)
    Minimal toiletries
    Elec: Kindle, Camera, Phone, netbook computer
    Charging cords, earphones, elec converter, etc
    Passport, driver’s license, credit cards and cash
    Card with passport number and expiration date
    A few accessories (2 necklaces, 3 scarves)
    Small, fold-able purse

    It worked really well for me. I wore everything but the dressy blouse, only because there was a cold front and the trip was chillier than expected. I bought a 4th pair of shoes in Paris as my souvenir (French sneakers). Wore them a lot there.

    I also try to make “packets” of things:
    TSA-approved liquids

    That way when I need something I can pull out the pouch and know it’s in with related items instead of taking everything out of my bag. Kept our small hotel room cleaner, too!

    I packed everything in a roll-aboard carry-on, and a large leather purse/tote. I used the tote around town because it was large enough for my camera and lenses (I use a DSLR).

    Have an amazing trip! I love Italy. Florence was my favorite (I’m a Duomo fan, and love the art and river), while the hubby liked Venice (tiny, walkable, no cars).

  5. Trish says:

    Tonia, was wondering about your greenhouse – have you done a post about it? did you build it? It looks really nice.

  6. Tonia says:

    OMG Rebecca you rock!!!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Happy to help! Have a fabulous trip!

  8. Tonia says:

    Trish: We did not build the greenhouse- it was here when we moved in. It’s pretty nice, but it’s old and will probably fall apart in a few years. We will most likely be building a new one soon- either from the materials in the old one, or maybe even switch over to using a hoop house instead.

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