the frozen lake feat

Posted on January 27th, 2012 by Tonia 3 Comments

We skiied across Long Lake in the Chequamegon National Forest yesterday with friends. And then that wasn’t long enough, so we skied around it too, and down the un-plowed forest road leading to it.

Long Lake is one of our favorite swimming lakes in the summer. It was a little disorienting to see it frozen and snow-covered, but beautiful all the same.

Jack came along. He had a blast running all over the lake with Jenn and Trevor’s dog Coal, and was so worn out when we got home, he curled into a ball on his bed and fell right asleep {very un-Jack-like. He usually has energy to spare!}

After the ski, we headed to the yurt for a potluck of potato soup and an oxtail stew over hot grits- super satisfying after our workout. The dogs laid together by the woodstove and the humans chatted late into the night over red wine.


  1. Terry says:

    Sounds like a mighty fine day!

  2. Caitlyn says:

    beautiful pictures! so glad you finally have some good snow so you can get out and ski!

  3. Kaye Spaude says:

    Enjoyed the pictures. I talked with Alison this morning and she said she went x/c skiing for the first time this season and then I found these pictures on facebook! : ) p.s. Your birthday dinner looked delicious! I love rustic italian food. Happy belated Birthday!

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