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No Waste Recipe: Butternut Squash Pasta Helps Tonia out of a Wintry Slump

Posted on November 19th, 2010 by Tonia No Comments

Once in a while {umm…aprox twice a week} I have zero motivation to do anything productive.  It usually happens on days when I’ve had an extra demanding client at work {“demanding” is my “Minnesota Nice” way of saying “asshole”}.

It happens more often this time of year because by the time 5 PM rolls around and I shut my laptop for the day, it’s totally dark out and all I want to do is snuggle on the couch with a book.  Something about less sunlight puts me in hibernation mode.  This would be fine, except for the fact that I have kind of designated myself as the meal-preparer in the relationship…in other words, if I don’t make us something to eat for dinner, then we don’t eat anything for dinner. 

This is not because Mike is lazy or because of old-fashioned gender roles or something.  He does other things to contribute, like chopping huge amounts of firewood and redesigning my blog for me.  😉 So I do most of the cooking. 

Anyways, when Mike closes his laptop for the day and finds me spooning our dog on the couch instead of enthusiastically creating a culinary masterpiece in the kitchen…well, the look on his face can only be described as pure and utter disappointment, with a dash of hunger mixed in for extra potency.  It doesn’t exactly make me feel like Wife of the Year. 

But I can’t help it…some days I just want to sit around and play on Pinterest.  On sad nights such as this, I usually call upon my Twitter friends for inspiration.  There’s nothing better than delicious pictures of food to get you off your butt and into the cooking mood.  If I tweet “looking for a good meal for dinner tonight…” I usually get four or five tweets in response with links to luscious and tempting recipes. 

Last night, I wanted something wholesome, fall-ish, easy to make, and in the “comfort food” category.  @YouCanCookThis totally read my mind somehow, and sent me this.  One glance at the ingredients and I realized I already had everything I needed for it {having to GO GROCERY SHOPPING is a huge thorn in my Wife of the Year foot.  Can’t wait until spring when we can “shop” our garden instead of going to the store!}  I made it in about a half hour, along with an arugula/apple/cranberry salad. 

It was soooo delicious and easy.  I doubled the recipe so I could use a whole squash and a whole box of pasta {qualifying it as a “No Waste” recipe, and we like having leftovers to re-heat for lunch}.  Make this right now, and savor every bite, and congratulate yourself on being Wife/Husband/Person of the Year, if only for a night.  :)

Reuse Tues: Pallets & Crates

Posted on November 9th, 2010 by Tonia 5 Comments

Happy Tuesday!  Have you heard of Pinterest?  It’s a new, fun web app that lets you “pin” images from all over the internet that you like.  I created a pin board of images I plan to share on the blog at some point.  It’s SO nice!  If you’re in the middle of wedding planning or remodeling your home or something, Pinterest could be of serious use to you. 

Anyway, we have a few pallets and crates lying around right now, left over from moving, so I used Pinterest to find the following pictures of creative and cute ways to reuse pallets and crates around the house:

Pallet couch

Pallet shelf

Pallet table

Crate bookshelf

Crate foyer storage

How cute?? I think the crate shelves would look awesome in a home office.  With all the apple orchards around here, we could have wooden crates coming out of our ears if we’re not careful.

What have you reused around the house this week?  Let me know on Twitter by adding the #ReuseTues hashtag to your tweet!  This week I put a bunch of Mike’s old, stretched-out cotton t-shirts to work as rags.  My mom gave me the idea when she was here over the weekend.  We hung a little bag in our pantry, cut a few t-shirts in half, and stuck them in the bag.  Now when I need to wipe down shelves, I have a bag full of clean rags waiting for me in the pantry!

Reuse Tues: Doors & Dresses

Posted on November 2nd, 2010 by Tonia 4 Comments

Happy Tuesday, folks!  So many of you have been tweeting me your #ReuseTues projects!!  I love every single one of your creative and resourceful ideas.

@nataliese rescued an old door from the curb to reuse as signage at her wedding a few weeks ago:


I bet that door looked so cute at the wedding!  ALL the doors in our farmhouse are garage-sale finds {the previous owners had the same taste in decor as I do!}  I am extremely fond of old doors with lots of character.  Here are some of the ones around our house:




Our pantry door is especially charming…and to think this cutie could have ended up in a landfill instead of gracing our home with its cheerful yellowness every day…!!

I found the following story on Once Wed.  This is kind of the ultimate example of re-use.  Believe it or not, this beautiful bride made her wedding dress out of a sheet.  Wow, girl.

And last but not least, for any Facebookers out there, @melisheath discovered this cool organization that I think you’ll all enjoy.

That wraps up this week’s edition of ReuseTues.  I hope you’re feeling inspired to reuse something instead of throwing it in the trash!  And if you can’t reuse or recycle it, you could always re-gift it…..Speaking of which, I am currently taking donations/gifts in the form of old window frames, which I will reuse as picture frames.  😉

Reuse Tues: Coffee Cans, Candy Wrappers & Window Frames

Posted on October 26th, 2010 by Tonia 2 Comments

Happy Tuesday!  A bunch of you tweeted me some great ideas this week for reusing old things in new ways.  Thanks so much for participating!  As Mike and I {slowly…much too slowly} unpack our belongings and settle in to our new house, we have already had the chance to re-use some things in new ways:  Our old kitchen table became my new office desk, and an old entertainment center became my sewing-room storage.

@smilinggreenmom tweeted me this link with some great craft projects using candy wrappers {perfect timing…Halloween candy sure does produce a lot of trash!}  A sweet little headband:

Jason, in the comments, said a friend of his gave him the idea to use old window frames as picture frames.  This is a seriously cute idea and makes me excited for garage-sale season.

I found this Design*Sponge post about using window frames to make a little garden table, too!

And this project puts old coffee cans to a beautiful new use:

I’m feeling all inspired to do a few projects now.  You can look forward to a step-by-step DIY ReuseTues project post coming soon!  And keep tweeting me your own projects/ideas/links as well!