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Shibori Indigo Fabric Dyeing

Posted on April 21st, 2014 by Tonia 9 Comments

I had to dust off the ol’ blog this week to share this fun project…The most popular post I ever wrote, by far, was this one about dyeing fabric with natural, homemade dye. I honestly haven’t done much fabric dyeing since then, but last week my interest was piqued all over again when my mom gifted me an indigo dyeing kit.

We got to work immediately, looking all over the house for random white things to dye. The kit came with instructions and supplies (rubber-bands, wood blocks, etc.) for a few simple shibori techniques.

I dyed a couple curtain panels, a tank top, a t-shirt, a bandana, and a vintage dress. It was SO easy, the perfect way to make old, dingy-white things look new and beautiful again, and just a really fun activity for a dreary spring day.

The dye looks green until it oxidizes, and becomes a beautiful deep blue color in the end. It also stains your skin blue for DAYS, as I found out when I accidentally dipped my hand in too far, filling my rubber glove with dye…

I highly recommend this kit if you’re interested in learning some simple shibori techniques. The dye bath was very easy to set up, and the whole process of dyeing only took us a couple hours. I will definitely be doing this again…thanks, Mom!

On another note, can you believe how much snow we still have???