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30 for 30: Conclusion

Posted on July 22nd, 2011 by Tonia 16 Comments

You guys have probably been wondering what happened to the 30 for 30 Challenge, huh? Sorry about that. I didn’t get through all 30 outfits like I was supposed to. The thing is, it turns out it’s difficult to get dressed up all cute when you have heaps of chores/gardening/dirty farmy work to get done. As soon as spring hit, we were up to our eyeballs in multiple To-Do Lists with really big items on them like “clear area for all the fruit trees to go.”

BUT! I learned a lot from doing this challenge, even though I wasn’t able to see it through to the very end. If you have been struggling with wardrobe-related-woes {boredom with the clothes you have, the urge to shop-shop-shop, etc.} I would definitely recommend trying this challenge!!

The most important thing I learned is that fashion, for me, is mostly about being able to express myself in a creative way. I find pleasure in fabrics, colors, and patterns. But shopping all the time in order to satisfy this creative-fashion-appetite is neither green nor economical. Remixing the clothes I already own is.

When I get the urge to buy new clothes, which happens often, I go up to my closet and lay out a new combination/outfit. This process puts the shopping-demons to bed for a while. It’s challenging to come up with new outfits from the same 30 pieces of clothing, and it’s rewarding when you hit on one that really works. I have several that are favorites now, and I never would have thought of them if I hadn’t done this challenge.

Also, I shop better now. I look for pieces that can be remixed with a bunch of different outfits. I don’t indulge my every urge to shop, but when I do shop I spend more money for high quality items instead of shopping more often but buying a lot of cheap crap.

Lastly, I used to see my closet in terms of seasons. Summer clothes, winter clothes, etc. and I stashed away the clothes that weren’t in season. I still do this with things like heavy sweaters or shorts, but for the most part now I use pieces interchangeably whenever possible and as a result I feel like my wardrobe has grown in size and I’m able to be more creative with my outfits because I have more to work with.

However, the upside of stashing away seasonal clothes is that you feel like you just went shopping when you pull them back out after not seeing them for months. A combination of the two ways is working well for me.

I feel kinda proud of myself for learning to live within my means when it comes to clothes. This was not easy for me, and although I still have shopping urges when I see things I like, I now have a method in place that helps me control myself. Shopping is not very fun when you feel guilty about it. It’s a big relief to be able to feel good about getting new things when it happens.

And speaking of that, these pictures are of a new outfit that I got for summer. It’s perfect for me because it’s comfy, interesting, and a nice balance between laid-back and feminine. The pants go with everything and are so light that I almost feel like I’m not wearing anything at all. Best part, I got everything on major sale.

Bodysuit: Shabd / Pants: JCrew / Watch and sandals: Target / Sunnies: UO

30 for 30: Twelve

Posted on March 18th, 2011 by Tonia No Comments

The times, they are a-changin’. For starters, we’re this close to being done cleaning and fixing up our cottage well enough for the new neighbors to move in! Among other things, we expanded the bathroom and installed a bathtub/shower, installed a heater, and scrubbed that baby from floor to ceiling. Someday I will do a sweet post with before and after pictures of the whole place, but it’s not quite ready for that yet. Right now, I’m ready to be done with the work, for sure, and also excited for them to arrive. If all goes well, they’ll be moving in today!

Also, we’ve entered spring, folks. The world is thawing like crazy. Snow is dripping off the roof, there’s mud everywhere, and the air smells like sunshine and earth. Glorious, wonderful, long-awaited spring! But believe it or not, the change of seasons is bittersweet because I’m really going to miss playing hockey with my man. Seriously, it’s better than couples therapy. Not that we need therapy…We fight hardly ever, and I think hockey has a lot to do with that. It’s a supreme release of anxiety or any other kind of negative energy, and it’s fun as hell. I’m already looking forward to playing again next winter! But then again…spring rocks. I’m excited for spring, too.

Due to the recent appearance of mud all over the place, I had to break out the mud boots this week- which means I am breaking the 30 for 30 Challenge rules a teeny bit…but I had to! I can’t wear my mukluks in the mud! And since I haven’t worn my mukluks at all in the challenge so far, I am going to just pull an ol’ switcheroo and replace them with my mud boots. You understand, right?

So here is my first spring-like outfit…mud boots and jeans and a simple button-down shirt. Simple and casual for working around the farm. It might seem like a boring outfit, but I am absolutely loving not needing to dress in a million layers and squash my hair with a hat all day long every day. I feel so light and free! It’s still just chilly enough to warrant cozy socks and a light jacket.

We’re kicking off spring this weekend by heading to my folks house to make maple syrup with them. I’m looking forward to the family-time, out in the woods. I hope yours is filled with sunshine and fresh air as well!

Coat: Handmedown from my mom / Shirt: J Crew / Jeans: Andi’s Closet / Knee-socks: Target / Mud boots: Fleet Farm

30 for 30: Eleven

Posted on March 14th, 2011 by Tonia No Comments

A skirt! It has been a while since I have done an outfit with a skirt. This one is probably my most favorite skirt ever because of its awesome color. I love shades of orange, especially paired with neutral colors.

And also, our cottage has the cutest blue dutch door leading into the kitchen from the mudroom…

Head-scarf: Gift from Aunt Cathy / Sweater, shirt, skirt, and pants: J Crew / Belt: State Line Tack / Watch: Target / Oxfords:

30 for 30: Ten

Posted on March 13th, 2011 by Tonia No Comments

Holymoly I am 1/3 the way through this challenge, people! It’s outfit number ten today. And check me out in a summer hat and crop pants, standing in the snow!!

So unpractical. But I plan on staying in the warmth of my own home today, so I can get away with it. And if I do end up venturing out into the world, I will swap the oxfords for boots, for sure.

This sweater goes with everything and it’s really comfy in multiple seasons. Same goes for the pants, but as you might be able to tell, I have worn them a couple times now and they’re getting a little stretched out in the knee region. Time to wash them again {but they’re wool and require hand-washing so I like to get several wears out of them each time.}

I love my dog, plain and simple. He’s sitting on my lap right now as I write this, trying to sneak sips of my coffee! He thinks he is being super stealthy about it but I can read his little food-crazed mind.

Hat: J Crew / Sweater: Anthropologie / T-shirt: J Crew / Pants: J Crew / Oxfords: