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Posted on June 29th, 2011 by Tonia 6 Comments

I talk a lot about wholesome, outdoorsy, earthy things on this blog. But truth be told, there is a whole ‘nother side to me. Another layer to the onion, so to speak.

I went to school for film and television. It didn’t work out as a career because I was unwilling to live in LA or NYC- I couldn’t be that far away from my family, and last time I checked they don’t let you keep livestock in your backyard in those cities, and because I fell in love with a Minnesota boy.

But, I still harbor a pretty strong affection for all things cinema. Summer movies are the best. A couple I am looking forward to this summer: the last Harry Potter {duh} and Our Idiot Brother {“tomion”}:

And while I’m confessing things: I also really like fashion, and sometimes I paint my nails. Does that sound like a homesteading tomboy to you? Maybe not, but I think it’s cool when people have lots of sides to them- it makes for a more interesting individual.

But how do you choose which of your interests, passions or personality traits is going to predominantly define you? I chose homesteading as my main path, but there are plenty of other passions I want to explore before my time is up.

The problem is, some choices rule out other choices {like, obviously I have ruled out film-making, at least for now, by choosing to homestead.} Choices, choices, choices.

Thankfully, some choices are easy- like picking which movies to see this summer!


  1. Terry says:

    Never heard of this film- looks good, though! You should make some movies from right where you live. You know what they always say – “Write about what you know.” Same goes for films, I would think.

  2. Tonia says:

    The same definitely goes for film. I have a couple ideas cooking, actually. 😉

  3. Patricia says:

    I agree with Terry about creating films where you are…is it really very rubbish of me that I’m still dying to see Pirates 4 this summer? :)

  4. Tonia says:

    It’s not rubbish, and I LOVE that you use the word rubbish!!!!

  5. Dawn says:

    I completly agree with the onion analogy. I grew up in Miami, Fl and live in rural TN. My hubby & I are backyard homesteaders in a 1940’s neighborhood. We have a garden, chickens & rabbits. But I work in corporate USA & love to paint my nails! We eat organic when we can afford it & are teaching our boys about sustainable living. Harry Potter rocks! Thank you for sharing the complexity of the modern life. It’s a beautiful thing!

  6. Tonia says:

    I love your story, Dawn!! Keep at it. It all means we’re not boring, predictable, or can be easily stereotyped. :) I like that.

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