Reuse Tues: Puppy Dogs, Paper Bags & Plastic Bottles

Posted on November 23rd, 2010 by Tonia 3 Comments

It looks more like Christmas than Thanksgiving outside my window right now.  We got totally dumped on with snow last night…the light, fluffy, sparkly, fun-to-play-in kind.

And since there was a request for more long-and-low-puppy photos, here is Charlie Brown {who has been forced into this new farm-dog life by his subsistence-farming-obsessed humans…poor thing.  He’s trying to have a good attitude about it for our sake, but it’s clear he misses the Duluth house he grew up in with its carpeted floors and the sunny spots that hit at exactly 10 and 1 in the middle of the living room every day.  But he agrees that the new-found hobby of staring at the wood pile for hours waiting for a chipmunk to show its face makes up for everything}:

"What is the new white world?"

Interesting smells and sounds everywhere...

Someone's starting to get cold...

Let me back inside!!

With all this new snow, I am definitely feeling the holiday spirit…so today’s Reuse Tues post is featuring a fun little project for the kiddos, just in time for Thanksgiving:

What a cool way to use a couple paper grocery bags that are probably haunting your pantry right now!!  Step by step instructions for this project right here.

Also, LowImpactBetty tweeted me a great #ReuseTues idea: “Save your bottles from cleaning products & fill them up with your new DIY cleaning supplies!”  And she provided a link to all the DIY cleaning supply recipes on her blog.  All her recipes are natural and non-toxic so I am a big fan, of course.  Can’t wait to make the wood cleaner in particular, now that we live in a home with wood floors!  But the main point here is that reusing the plastic bottles that cleaning supplies come in from the store is an excellent way to reduce the waste expelled from our households.

Mike and I are off to Chicago for some turkey eating with the family and a wedding, so most likely the blog will be quiet until we return.  But don’t despair…big-fun-farmy-posts are in the works so check back soon!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Terry says:

    Nice job, Ton! It really is so easy. I had one of the bags I made at the library yesterday and it was admired by everyone there. They are so easy to have on hand in the car, at home, everywhere…. and they can even double as a cloth if you need to wipe up a spill in the car, then just throw them in the washer and they’re good as new! I plan on making a bunch and selling them to raise funds for our local food pantry.

  2. Tonia says:

    Awesome! I’m loving mine as well…especially the one we made out of a Green Bay Packers t-shirt!! 😉

  3. Ashley Smith says:

    Could you add lemon juice to this or not? Thanks!

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