Raising Backyard Pigs: All Settled In

Posted on April 4th, 2012 by Tonia 1 Comment

So far so good with the little piggies. They’re almost done foraging for all of the delicious roots and rhizomes in their paddock, so we’re preparing to move them to a new area in a few days.

They loooove rooting around in the grass with their incredible noses. They also love sunshine, itching their butts on the barn door, splashing in their water dish, and are very curious and friendly with the dogs.

They burrow down into the hay at night and snuggle- sometimes one on top of the other- until we wake them up in the morning for breakfast.

Jack thinks their poo tastes awesome {eeeeew!}

One Comment

  1. […] that she has been doing great! She gets a lot of attention from us. And from the dogs, who {as I mentioned before} think her poo is a tasty delicacy and spend much of their time hanging around her pen, waiting. […]

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