Merry + Green Christmas!

Posted on December 16th, 2011 by Tonia No Comments

We’re heading off to the cabin in the woods with Mike’s side of the family this weekend. There will be games, gifts, food, laughter, football, and lots and lots of kissing/playing with our sweet niece. Pret-ty excited!

Please excuse the quietness of the blog lately…the holidays have officially taken over our lives for the time being. I’m sure, and I hope, that you’re busy with your own holiday celebrations, so you don’t need me distracting you anyway. 😉

Until we meet again, here are a couple posts I did last year regarding eco-friendly and homemade holiday decorations:

Green Christmas Decor
Green Christmas Decor II

And more homemade decor ideas that will transform your home into a cozy holiday scene without a lot of plastic crap that will sit in a landfill for eternity after you’re done with it:

Ice lanterns {we’re going to do this for our New Years Eve party! You can buy an ice mold -or- you can cut the top off a milk jug and fill it with water!}
Plaid-shirt ornaments {I’d try to use something other than styrofoam for the inside, though…}
Paper-bag flowers {to go with your coffee-filter poufs, of course!}
Yarn balls {would make a beautiful centerpiece for the table, piled in a bowl. Make them smaller and with Christmas-colored yarn, perhaps.}

Happy Holidays, all you wonderful readers!

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