Itty Bits: Summer Daze

Posted on July 7th, 2010 by Tonia 6 Comments

Summer is in full swing, and we’re melting.  Yes, even in Minnesota, the weather gets hot.  And we of course refuse to install central air in our house, or to even keep fans running all the time…so as a result, we’re pretty sweaty, all the time.

It maybe wouldn’t be so bad if we were just sitting around with iced tea in hand, but this summer has been the opposite of leisurely.  As you all know, we’re planning our wedding {two months away!}.  But what you may not know is that we are also getting our home ready for sale {are we crazy?? Yep.}

The pull of country life has just become too strong.  Mike and I both grew up in rural areas, and we can’t kid ourselves any longer.  We constantly crave more space, more quiet, and more flexibility.  We love Duluth.  Love it.  And we love our beautiful house and cute neighborhood.  But…

We found our dream hobby farm {and I mean, OMG this place is awesome} about an hour from Duluth, and we have not been able to get it off our minds ever since we first stumbled upon it.  It is everything we have always talked about someday having.  After much thought, we’ve decided to get our house on the market as quickly as possible, and make an offer on Perfect Magical Dream Farm. 

So, instead of working on my wedding tan and sipping iced tea, I have been painting walls like a mad woman.  They look awesome, by the way.  Anyone want to buy a beautifully restored old Victorian {everything is brand new in it, we were the first folks to live in it after it was restored} home on Duluth’s west side?  It has really been an amazing place to live…I am going to be a total wreck on the day we drive away in the U-Haul.

house 1 

The probable move to the country brings up an itty bitty issue……Itty Bitty Impact has always been about how to live greener while still being a “normal” urban person/family.  So, the nature of the blog might be changing in the near future.  I am a little bummed about this, because I think more people can relate to our current urban situation…Whereas I don’t think very many of you live on a solar-powered hobby farm. 

But I hope that I can keep the blog relateable, helpful and interesting for everyone nevertheless!  And, many of the topics that I will likely be writing about “from the farm” are totally do-able in an urban setting as well {canning veggies, gardening, solar-power living, keeping chickens, etc.} 

Speaking of urban vs. rural…which is the greener way to live anyways?  I think it totally depends.  That issue would make a great blog post…but for now, I must get back to beautifying our house so we can sell it!!


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  1. I am SO jealous, I would love to be moving to a solar-powered hobby farm… SO awesome! Good luck selling your home, which shouldn’t be too difficult, it looks adorable.

    Thank you so much for the link to my piece about green cleaning your car!

  2. OH… thanks for linking to my Green Tip about Staying Cool also!!!

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  4. Andrew says:

    This hits really close to home for me. Our family has lots (and by lots, I mean something like 300-400 acres) of rural property, and more old farmhouses than I want to think about–all of which need serious renovation.

    So the whole “do we move from our small wonderful house near downtown all the way out to the farm” question is one we’re fighting with as well.

    Right now, where we live is a 5 minute bike ride for me to work, if I don’t push it. We would be moving to a place that’s an in-the-car drive of 25-30 minutes away. Of course, it’s also further from everything else–neighbors, groceries, etc.

    It’s a tough question. Looking forward to your updates on the process.

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