Itty Bits: Spring Cleaning

Posted on May 17th, 2010 by Tonia 2 Comments

We’re taking a little break from Cheri’s List in order to do some spring cleaning around our house and yard.  The sun came out this past weekend, and my empty flower beds were calling my name, so instead of making videos for the blog {forgive me!}, I did this:


I bet you are busy spring cleaning and doing yard work as well, so instead of doing an Itty Bits Challenge this week, let’s skip right to some handy links from around the web to inspire you while you work:

How to clean your oven without any chemicals.

No room for a garden? No problem. Grow veggies in containers.

Cut your grass, without gas.

Thoughtfully written series on gardening with children by my friend Jared.

Our favorite knitter and hobby farmer is getting married!  Very greenly, I might add.  Go wish her congratulations!

Green spring-cleaning tips from Planet Green.

Deck out your patio with FSC-certified furniture. Seriously, don’t buy wood if you don’t know where it came from.

AWESOME book about green housekeeping.

Reduce your water use…water your garden/flowers with harvested rain water!

Happy spring, folks!  Videos/Cheri’s List will resume shortly.


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