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Posted on March 5th, 2010 by Tonia 8 Comments

I had the pleasure of chatting recently with Heather, the main mama behind Green Baby Green Mama, about homeschooling.  I was homeschooled grades K-8 by my amazing parents, and it was a great experience for me.

I love talking about the good old homeschool days, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!  I’m honored that Heather interviewed me for her blog.  Check it out here!

greenmamapostMy homeschooled years were some of the best years of my life.  The best part was the quality time spent as a family, learning and living together all day every day.

Homeschoolphotos_2{My brother and me showing off our “Human Body” project at a science fair.}


{Ready to immigrate to America from Sweden on “Ellis Island Day”}

Homeschoolphotos_5{Celebrating our successful immigration with the rest of the homeschool group.}


{Taking in one of our country’s most important monuments during a “field trip”.}


  1. Courtney says:

    Such good memories! I remember Ellis Island day well… and how when you guys went through the drive-through for lunch at McDonalds (dressed in turn-of-the-century peasant-wear), the woman kindly offered you food stamps, thinking you must live in a hovel somewhere… Ah, the good times we had!

  2. CrisisMaven says:

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  3. Love these vintage homeschool photos T! Thanks again for letting me interview you and your Mom! :)

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  5. beth says:

    Sad to say I’ve never given much thought to home schooling– but you’ve definitely opened my eyes! The food stamps story, that’s HILARIOUS.

    I’m kind of in love with your little brother’s adorable knit sweater. And that vest with all the little food pictures on it, I kind of want to wear it to all my meetings tomorrow.

    :) beth

  6. Arlyss says:

    ARLYSS HOWDY Tonia and Mike, It was fun to revisit our emigration (immigration from Sweden!) Did Mike know about this!?) )

  7. Tonia says:

    Hi Arlyss! Thanks for stopping by! Aren’t those old photos great? That immigration unit we did is one of my favorite memories from the homeschool days. Thanks for playing the part of our Swedish grandmother so well… must know a thing or two about that. 😉

  8. We homeschooled our boys as well! We turned business trips and leisure trips into educational adventures.

    They’re in their mid 20’s now. Wow! That went by quick.

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