Heating with Wood

Posted on October 31st, 2011 by Tonia No Comments

We heat our house with wood, so this time of year we spend hours outside splitting and stacking. Our woodshed holds about two months worth of split logs, so we fill it up to the brim and then split more and re-stock it as needed throughout the winter.

The great thing about heating with wood is that it heats you twice- when you’re chopping it and when you’re burning it. It’s not quite cold enough yet to start heating the whole house, but when we wake up in the morning the house feels cold and it’s a little tough to get out of bed. After a few hours of splitting wood, we’re so hot and sweaty that we don’t need the house to be very warm. It feels good to get the blood moving on these damp, chill days.

Back in Duluth, we had a cute little woodstove in our living room and we did a tutorial on chimney cleaning. Check it out if you need to get your stove clean and ready for the winter!

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