He Sowed She Sewed

Posted on February 24th, 2011 by Tonia No Comments

Two of my very best friends, Caitlyn and Jared, have started blogging together about their two passions: gardening and sewing. We’re all familiar with Jared around here because he has written a couple great posts for me about composting {here and here} and I’m sure we’ll see more of him when the spring comes around. But now his wife Caitlyn has joined the blogging world to share her innovative sewing projects.

Caitlyn challenged herself to make clothing for their two little girls for a whole year instead of buying anything. Children grow fast, and outgrow clothing quickly. They also wear them out quickly, being the active little beings that they are. It’s a hefty challenge even for an experienced seamstress, but Caitlyn has tackled it full-on and He Sowed She Sewed is quickly filling up with great posts about her projects.

The really extra neat part is that Caitlyn is trying to reuse old clothes to make the new clothes whenever possible. So far her projects include one that turns an old mens’ shirt into a cute skirt for her oldest daughter. You guys really gotta check out this great husband-wife-blog, if for nothing else than to peak at pictures of their adorable, happy little family, but especially if you have little kiddos of your own and need some inspiration on how to get them involved and excited about gardening, and how to sew cute clothes for them!

Keep up the great work, Caitlyn and Jared!!

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