Fish Run

Posted on April 3rd, 2012 by Tonia 1 Comment

The rainbow trout are running up the Sioux River near our house.

Mike went down to the bank with the camera yesterday evening and caught this video clip of a little guy alllllllmost making it {it was so sad when he got washed back down!} It would be so easy to reach down and help them out, but Mother Nature needs a way to filter out the weak.

Only the strongest fish get to the calm water above the falls where they mate. They have to swim against the current for miles, and beach themselves on rocks where they rest for a few minutes before pushing on.

It’s pretty incredible to watch!

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  1. Kitt says:

    Wow, that’s cool.

    I’d be tempted to “help” the weaklings by scooping them into my frying pan.

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