Barn Dance Benefit

Posted on February 23rd, 2012 by Tonia 1 Comment

Who can say they genuinely like it when their mom calls in the middle of the week and says, “Hey, maybe I’ll come there for a couple days.”?? Me. I like it. My family is made up of four awesome folks who I love spending time with.

And, as if being born to cool people wasn’t enough, I married into an amazing family too. Before I knew them, if you had asked me what I wanted in my future family-in-law, I would have said, “A family that enjoys doing things together- eating meals, playing games, going camping, and just hanging out.” Well, I got exactly what I wanted, plus they’re loving, supportive, and genuine.

Both our sets of parents always have our backs, no matter what crazy thing we’re on to next. The kind of support they give is priceless, and neither Mike nor I would be who we are without the unwavering faith our parents have in us.

And now it’s our turn to be the supporters. Mike’s mom has Polycystic Kidney Disease {PKD} and will need to undergo a transplant in the near future. Her niece offered to donate a kidney and turned out to be a near-perfect match {as perfect as anyone can be without being an identical twin!} We’re all so incredibly thankful to this brave woman for doing this for our mom. It’s a huge relief to know she has a donor lined up.

Mike’s parents have health insurance that will cover some of the cost of the operation, but there’s still a huge amount of money unaccounted for. So our siblings and cousins began brainstorming ways to raise money for them, and {maybe because we’re all feeling creaky/stiff from a long, cold winter} the idea of a barn dance was the winner. I can’t wait to dance the night away with my family and friends. We hired THE BEST folk-dance band around! It has been really fun to see the RSVPs pouring in on the Facebook event page we set up.

We also set up a donation page where you can give a little something if you wish. Your contribution is GREATLY appreciated, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It’s really comforting to be able to share this news on the blog and think about all the good thoughts and prayers that will be floating through the air to our family from all corners of the earth. :)

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