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Garden Progress

Posted on May 13th, 2012 by Tonia 2 Comments

Tomatoes and basil and beets, oh my!

Spent a productive afternoon in the greenhouse with Mike……and spent waaay too much money on beautiful flowers at Tetzner’s up the road. But it was worth it. I mean, just LOOK AT THEM!

These babies are going in a big planter for our front porch. I’m pretty stoked that I get to look at them all summer long. Have I mentioned lately that flowers are one of my favorite things?

Hope your gardens are coming along nicely- what are you planting this year? Get out there in this glorious weather!


Posted on May 10th, 2012 by Tonia 2 Comments

Our cherry and pear trees exploded today with blossoms!

I can’t wait to eat the delicious fruit from these trees, but in the meantime they ain’t so bad on the eyes.

The weather has been faaaaantaaaastic here lately- bright blue sky, glorious sunshine and a nice cool breeze. We’re knocking a bunch of homestead To Do’s off the list: building a deluxe turkey/chicken duplex, planting onions and potatoes in the garden, planting more baby fruit trees in the orchard, and mowing the lawn. It’s a total joy to be outside working! Ahhhh, spring.

Horn to Hoof

Posted on May 7th, 2012 by Tonia 4 Comments

Yesterday was the last performance of “Oklahoma!” at Stage North, followed by one last “circle” on stage with the entire cast. Tears, hugs and kisses were abundant as we all recalled our favorite moments from the past couple months.

I’m sure going to miss this big, goofy, unlikely family. I went into this experience only knowing a couple people in the cast and crew of 45 people, and left with 45 good friends.

The cast party was a riot…fried chicken, brats, potato salad, cake, free drinks at the bar, kickball in the field across the street, and lots of laughing at all the inside jokes created during ten nights of backstage shenanigans.

I’ll admit, I’m excited to have my life back. It will be nice to resume the regular scheduled programming. But I sure am thankful for the experience and immensely grateful to our wonderful director Liz, stage manager Jack, and vocal director Pat for choosing me for Ado Annie’s part, believing in me and giving me the tools to do it justice.

The two most useful pieces of advice I received during this process came from two wise women:

1. Liz told me, “For this particular play, if you feel like an idiot, you’re doing it right.” With that in mind, I learned to check my ego at the door and commit to my role no matter what.

2. My mom told me, “Forget about there being a stage and an audience. Just think about the story you’re all telling.” I totally let myself get wrapped up in the world we were creating every night, and sure enough, it helped me to be less nervous and to be more believable.

This was a scarey thing for me- I had never sung in front of people BY MYSELF like that. And we all know what my previous “acting” experience consisted of…..It felt amazing to conquer this fear and put myself out there.

I was so lucky to have a stellar cast up there with me. Everyone gave 100% of themselves, which allowed me to let go of Tonia and become Ado without feeling self-conscious. Thank you, all of you!


Soul Food

Posted on May 2nd, 2012 by Tonia 1 Comment

Since the play has taken over my life for the past couple weeks, I haven’t been very good at fulfilling my usual role in the family as Cooker of Delicious Dinners. Mike is understandably upset about this, since he was the main benefactor in that arrangement.

Yesterday I had a day off from the play {which Mike has taken to calling “Dorklahoma”}, so I told him I would make whatever his hungry little heart desired. He pointed to this recipe in this cook book.

There’s nothing like soul food to give you the strength to perform the heck out of “Oklahoma” for the second week {and to give your husband the strength to tolerate it.} This meal is exactly what the doctor ordered.

And it was made even better because it was shared with great friends and paired with tangy home-brewed beer and lots of immature jokes, which the doctor also ordered.

And a nutty Maple Layer Cake to top it off {recipe note: I used cinnamon instead of ground ginger and was very happy with the change. I also used waaaay less frosting than Martha suggests, because the cake was already plenty sweet.}

I feel rejuvenated and ready to give the second week of performances my all! And Mike has about a week’s worth of leftover fried chicken to work away at in the ‘fridge, so he’s a happy camper. Oh, the wonders of a good meal. Yeow!